Film Digitisation

dc1 scan, digitise and process practically any kind of film and format.


dc1 offers a wide range of file services:

·         Restoration

·         Processing

·         Numerous Audio Formats

·         Post-production

·         Lossless Format Encoding


Using state-of-the-art technology, dc1 digitises all film formats from 8mm through Pathé profiles up to 16 or 35 mm.


Services include professional digitisation via sprocketless film scanners including post-production and delivery in the required file format and up to 4k resolution.


All images and audio tracks are scanned, digitised in the required resolution and transferred simultaneously to digital files.

A Laser frame detection system enables flicker free image capture.

The result is a sharp, evenly illuminated video image with optimum colour reproduction.


Further to this dc1 provides image, colour and sound corrections and film editing.



Digital Postprocessing