Video Authoring

dc1 provides high standard video authoring, compiling your content in the format required for the media of your choice, DVD and or Blu-ray.


First of all the encoding takes place. The delivered film and audio content is converted into the specified qualities, resolutions and formats via encoding.

Subsequently, the authoring is carried out. In addition, the design of interactive menus with corresponding functional shortcuts and programming is inserted. During authoring, the various contents, such as video, image, audio and metadata, are merged.

In detail, this means, for example, subdividing the movie into chapters, adding subtitles, placing the respective audio tracks, incorporating loop functions for endless playback, programming the desired country codes, and incorporating the specific copy protection information.


At the end of authoring a DDP master for the DVD production or a BDCMF master for Blu-ray production is generated. The supplied film and audio content are converted into the required resolution and format.


Our services:

·         All Video Standards

·         Merging Image, Audio and Metadata

·         Up to 9 camera perspectives (multi/mixed-angle)

·         Up to 8 audio tracks

·         Up to 32 subtitle tracks

·         Menus and Link Design

·         Slide Shows

·         Interactive Videos