Archives – The race against time

In many storage areas countless aging and untouched Films, Audio Recordings, Video Tapes Images, Photos and Documents are archived. With many of these Audio and Visual media assets the irretrievable loss of content threatens due to the material deterioration.

The transfer of such content to modern digital formats ensures not only their long-term preservation but also opens up new opportunities for marketing and monetisation of your media.

To ensure preservation of such valuable media assets digital transfer and thus long-term preservation becomes an increasingly important task.

The availability and workability of technical reproduction equipment is also of utmost importance as technical obsolescence as well as worn and or missing parts have significantly reduced equipment stock.

For some magnetic tape formats, in particular multi-track, functional playback systems are only globally available to a extremly limited extent. Likewise, the number of sound engineers and technicians who master these systems is steadily decreasing.

In the not too distant future a time will come when the above-mentioned archived content can no longer be played or read due to lack of workable equipment, at least if it has not been previously digitised, migrated and re-archived.

In dc1, you have a well-established partner who can solve such challenges with an experienced team, some very rare but well-maintained playback equipment as well as state of the art studio systems covering nearly all Audio, Film, Video, and Image formats.