Audio Digitisation

With first-class studio equipment and some completely unique systems, dc1 is the digitisation specialist for traditional or new media assets and audio formats of all kinds, from master and multitrack tapes, DAT recordings to U-matic Digital Audio, Vinyl and Shellac records.


The basis for the an optimal audio digitisation is our extensive studio equipment, supported by modern IT systems and our in-house technicians. dc1 still has recording and playback equipment that was used to create original and valuable recordings decades ago.


This includes, for example, a 3M Digital Mastering Systems 3M 81. Introduced around 1977, 3M established themselves as a reference in leading studios worldwide.

Stars from ABBA to the Scorpions recorded music hits via this 32-track recording system.

The dc1 3M system is quite possibly a globally unique bespoke system with special D/D converters.

dc1's upgraded system offers the unique basis for a direct digital transfer of recordings created on such 3M device types. This 3M equipment is just one example of dc1's first-class studio equipment.


In addition to various Studer studio machines, dc1 also owns very rare Sony 48-track digital recorders, with 48-channel error detection, also unique in the world.


dc1s wide range of studio systems allows your media assets to be run on the original recording systems, an optimal transfer that captures your content in all the shades of its originality.


dc1 also offers services for the creation of audio masters, e.g. a DDP image, for the production of a CD glass master or 24bit/192kHz master for the physical reproduction of your assets as vinyl record.