Audio Mastering

dc1's services includes audio mastering- the professional processing of your music production.


Your input data is processed to ensure it meets all specifications enabling it to be passed through processing and an Audio Master created.


The music is physically listened to, a highly sophisticated audio mix is carried out by our experienced sound engineers employing extensive knowledge of musical styles and an understanding of the composition.

This process can include for example sound optimisation and noise reduction.


The seconde step is to edit the data. Editing includes assembling the content, assigning the order, spacing and transitions, inserting text entries and assigning specific codes for each title to capture the pieces and seasons later.


Content Compilation:

·         Track Order

·         Track Duration & Transitions

·         Text Entries

·         Playing Time


Mastering process completion is an original image for the final production. 

We offer you the creation of DDP masters (Disc Description Protocol), e. g. for the production of CDs, as well as high-resolution audio masters (High Resolution Audio), e. g. for the production of SACDs or vinyl records.

Both DDP masters (Disc Description Protocol) for CD production, as well as high-resolution audio masters (High Resolution Audio) for the production of SACDs or vinyl records are possible.


Compared to CD production masters the Hi-Res Audio Masters include significantly more information both in bit depth and in sampling frequency.

With 24-bit / 192 kHz sampling rate the content is an almost identical image of the studio recording.